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Our Fees Guide

In accordance with our obligations under the Solicitors Regulation Authority transparency Rules, the following information is a guide to average costs and expenses (known as disbursements) for making different application in Immigration Work.

We hold a Legal Aid contract for asylum applications which are excluded from the fees set out below.

In accordance with our customer service charter we provide a professional, customer friendly service. An initial 30 minute consultation is provided free of charge. We will make an assessment of your case during that meeting and provide you with a clear picture on the steps that we will need to undertake to complete your case, the fees involved and likely timeframes from start to finish of your case.

If you proceed further with your instructions to our firm following the initial consultation, we will open a file for you and within 5 days we will provide you with a detailed letter setting out the instructions that we have taken from you, the evidence and documentation we will require from you and confirmation of the fees involved as well as details of the fee earner/solicitor dealing with your case. You will also be allocated a date and time for a further appointment within your letter.

You will be required to make a payment of £250.00 in account of costs if you do proceed with your instructions to us.

We have a range of legal specialists including Directors with over 15 years PQE (Post Qualified experience), Solicitor/Advocate with Higher Rights, Solicitors with under 5 years PQE, trainee Solicitors, Paragraph Legal’s and Immigration caseworkers.

We are committed to providing the best and clear advice from the outset of your case, you will be given an assessment of your prospects of success which will be reviewed with you throughout your case. We always aim to provide clear, direct and frank advice to all of our clients. This will enable you to make an informed decision on your case.

Fees guide:


Entry clearance / in country extension applications / ILR – fixed fee of £975 plus VAT. Fee includes preparation and lodging of application and advice on decision Home office fee – The Home Office fees vary from time to time, here is a link to the current Home Office fees:www.gov.uk/government/publications/visa-regulations-revised-table/home-office-immigration-and-nationality-fees-6-april-2020

In summary extension fees are currently £2033.00 per applicant which includes the immigration Health Surcharge of £1000.00. For Indefinite Leave to Remain the fee is £2089.00. Nationality fees are £1330.00, Entry Clearance fees are generally in the region of £15000.00 to £2000.00.

First tier Tribunal appeal – £1500 – £2000 covers preparation of the appeal, lodging of Appellants bundle and representation at the hearing. Any adjourned hearings are charged at £500 plus VAT per hearing.

Disbursement for First tier Tribunal appeals – £140 Tribunal fee.

Judicial review – £2600 – £3500 includes the court fee of £154, and covers preparation of the Judicial Review claim and lodging the same, responding to the Acknowledgment of Service and advice on the decision.

Judicial Review – Oral application £2885, which includes the Court fee of £385 and preparation of the case and representation at the hearing.

Interpreters charges – £25 per hour
Experts – average between £400 – £1200
DNA reports – typical £432

VAT applies on all in-country applications where the person applying has 6 months or more leave to remain.

Typical timeframes for completion of the case

Entry clearance / in country applications – 12 – 16 weeks
In country applications – 279 days from the date of submission
Tribunal appeals – average 3 months
Judicial Review : 3- 6 months
Divorce : average 6 months
Children’s Act applications : 4- 12 months

These are based on the Home Office stated timeframes which can be found at: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration/about-our-services


House purchase – £500 plus VAT
Auction purchase – £500 plus VAT
Registered lease – £750 plus VAT
Unregistered lease – £600 plus VAT

Typical disbursements – local searches £249, Office Copy Entries – £6.00, AML check £7.21, bankruptcy search £9.00, OS1 search £5.00, bank transfer (CHAPS) – £30.00, Admin charge for faster payment or BACS – £30.00, Land registry fee – £40.00, Indemnity Insurance Policy – average £20.00, STLD – £90.00

Family Law

Divorce – uncontested : £875 plus VAT11
Contested divorce: £2000 plus VAT
Ancillary Relief – £195 plus VAT per hour.
Children’s Act applications – £195 plus VAT per hour.

Typical time frames:
Divorce : 6 months
Children’s Act applications : 3 – 12 months

Hourly Charging rates – Director / Senior Solicitor (5 years + PQE) : £250 plus VAT per hour
Solicitor (under 5 years PQE): £195 plus VAT per hour
Caseworkers / Paralegals – £135 plus VAT per hour

Wills £299.00
Probate work is charged at £195.00 per hour
Criminal/Civil and Conveyancing is charged at £195.00 per hour