Every business wants to avoid litigation and have certainty in its dealings. Putting business agreements in place will repeatedly save your business time and money otherwise wasted on avoidable disputes. Whether it’s a one-off complex agreement, standard terms of business or agreements between shareholders, we will help you to protect your business.

Some of the areas where we provide sound advice include:

  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • IT licensing, support and maintenance agreements
  • Agency contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Limited liability partnerships
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Terms and conditions of business

We offer fixed fees at prices which are competitive given the level of service you will receive from highly experienced specialist solicitors. The advice we offer is always based on significant legal and, equally importantly, practical commercial experience, fixed fee pricing which is cost effective, often using our existing business agreements and contracts templates. We have a policy of “Plain English”. There is no waffle or jargon in the way we charge for our services or in the documents we prepare!

There are many important fundamentals in any contract such as services or goods, payment terms, duration and potentially events of breach but a common clause often overlooked is the entire agreement clause. It is far from unusual for contracts to be inadvertently varied by a phonecall or discussion, where one party believes this won’t alter an agreed and written contract.

Disputes and claims for breach of contract also very commonly will have a party claiming that the contract was varied so as to support his or her case. To avoid such situations and promote certainty, a well drafted clause providing that the written contract is the entire agreement and that variations are agreed as only applying if confirmed by both parties in a set way can be invaluable for the reasons described above.


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